K-@ Mail Version 1.8.0

The new version of K-@ Mail brings Tasker integration (among other things).

If you already know Tasker, you can skip the next paragraph and check out the videos with simple examples that show what can be achieved with K-@ Mail and Tasker.
If you're new to Tasker you might want to learn the basics first: http://tasker.dinglisch.net/.

Tasker has a steep learning curve but is incredibly powerful. Here are some ideas what you can do with Tasker and K-@ Mail:

  • Check mail whenever K-@ Mail opens
  • Have different check mail schedules depending on the day and/or time of day
  • Using different mail server settings to send mail depending on the location of your device (at home use your own mail server, in the office use the company mail server)
  • Use the dark theme during the day and the light theme at night time
  • Compact your mail accounts once a day at midnight
  • Change the notification settings with the push of a button (e.g. switch between no notifications at all and regular notifications)
  • Change the fetch mail settings to use less data when the device switches from Wi-Fi to a mobile network

These videos show very basic examples how to configure K-@ Mail events and tasks with Tasker:

K-@ Mail Help Videos

We published a couple of short help videos accessible through the help page in K-@ Mail (account overview, option menu, help).

Please let us know if you want more videos and if yes what they should elaborate on: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

K-@ Mail Material Design

K-@ Mail Version 1.7 brings Android Material design, remote search and much more. Enjoy.

Account Overview


Message List


Message Composition


Message Widget



Another Battery Test

Here's another test result.

While K-@ Mail and K-9 Mail were configured with 10 email accounts each, AquaMail and MailDroid had to synchronize but a single email account (Yahoo! in MailDroid's case, one IMAP Push account in the case of AquaMail). Stay tuned for the new version to come...

K-@ Mail 1.3 Screenshot